Foundation Program

Strengthen your foundations for university studies in English

The University of New York in Prague teaches exclusively in English, and we therefore require that all students have sufficient English language skills to benefit from our degree programs and contribute to the classes.

The goal of the Foundation Program is to improve the English language skills of prospective UNYP students so that they can qualify for a degree course. Credits awarded for courses on the ESL2 program may be applied towards a UNYP bachelor’s degree.


Applicants for bachelor’s degrees who score between 49 and 69 out of 120 on the UNYP institutional English language test (or the equivalent on other internationally recognized tests of English listed in the table below, or as approved by UNYP’s Foundation Program Advisor and/or Rector) and who fulfill all other requirements for admission may be admitted conditionally to the UNYP Foundation Program.


Placement within the Foundation Program is determined by the student’s score on the TOEFL examination, institutional English language test, or other approved internationally recognized English language tests. Students are placed into one of three levels of the Foundation Program, as determined by the score range.

Foundation Program options

English as a Second Language, Level 1 (ESL 1)

  • Length: 1 semester
  • In‐class hours per week: 15 (6 grammar; 6 reading and writing; 3 listening)
  • Expected average hours of external work per week (preparation, homework): 45
  • Access to university‐level courses: None
  • Course grade: The student is assigned a “Pass” or “Fail“ by the Registrar’s Office based on the results of the final examination.

English as a Second Language, Level 2 (ESL 2)

  • Length: 1 semester
  • In‐class hours per week: 9 (3 grammar; 3 reading and writing; 3 listening)
  • Expected average hours of external work per week (preparation, homework): 27
  • Access to university‐level courses: Limited to 3‐4 semester credits/6‐8 ECTS (1 course from the list below):
    • Introduction to University Studies (1 semester credit / 2 ECTS)
    • Computers and Applications (2 semester credits / 4 ECTS)
    • College Algebra (3 semester credits / 6 ETS)
    • Digital Photography (3 semester credits / 6 ETCS)
    • Introduction to Drawing and Design (3 semester credits / 6 ECTS)
    • Introduction to Painting (3 semester credits / 6 ECTS)
    • Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy (3 semester credits / 6 ECTS)
  • Expected progression: Unconditional admission to a UNYP bachelor’s degree program and/or English Pre‐Composition depending on the test result at the end of the semester
  • Composition depending on end of semester test result
  • Course grade: The student is assigned a “Pass” or “Fail” by the Registrar’s Office based on the results of the final examination (see Progression chart). The “Pass” level is 72 or above.

Progression Chart

IBT CBT Other tests Placement
196 – 200
TOEIC 605‐680
Czech Maturita English Leaving
Exam 2
+ diagnostic essay**
English Pre‐Composition
57 – 68
IELTS 5.0 or 5.5
TOEIC 500 ‐ 680
Czech Maturita English Leaving
Exam 3
EIKEN TEST Pre‐2, 2 (CEFR B1, A2)
ESL 2 + English Pre‐Composition (strongly recommended)
49 – 56
IELTS 4.5 (also based on entrance interview and essay result if required)
TOEIC 405‐500
Below 49
Below 152
Below IELTS 4.5 or TOEIC 405/td>
No admission to Foundation Program

* The scores listed are approximations; further diagnostic tests are required in order to accurately place applicants.
**All students must write an entrance essay in case recommendations need to be made for additional writing support such as English Pre‐Composition.
*** The list of examinations above is not exhaustive. Additional examination results may be considered subject to approval from the Director of Academic Writing, the Registrar and the Rector.

Foundation Program students must obtain permission from the Foundation Program Advisor or the Rector before retaking UNYP’s institutional English language test with the Admissions department. The ESL 1 and 2 courses may be merged to accommodate all the students in the Foundation Program, depending on enrolment numbers.

During the regular scheduled final examination period, the Foundation Program instructors or the Admissions department will administer UNYP’s institutional English language test and/or the official TOEFL to the Foundation Program students. The Registrar’s Office will use these results to pre‐register (or adjust existing pre‐registrations for) the students for the next semester based on the table.

If the student has progressed beyond the Foundation Program but is not quite ready for Composition I, the student will be enrolled in the English Pre-Composition course.
Pre-Composition students will have UNYP degree program access but Pre-Composition will not earn credit toward a degree.

Students who have not progressed from their original placement after two semesters of study, or have not qualified for enrollment as full‐time, degree‐seeking, university students after three semesters of study, are dismissed from UNYP.

The UNYP attendance policy applies to the Foundation Program. Students with more than the maximum allowed unexcused absences from any component of the Foundation Program will fail the course; the Registrar’s Office will immediately assign a grade of “F” and the student will not be allowed to continue attending the Program during that semester. The student may re‐enroll in the same level of the Foundation Program in the next semester.

Bachelor Program

bachelors programs in prague

American Bachelors Programs

UNYP cooperates with the State University of New York, Empire State College to offer accredited 4-year Bachelor’s degree programs taught entirely in English.

Students can earn an American-accredited Bachelor’s degree from State University of New York, Empire State College while studying at a private university in Prague. Some programs may be taken as double-degree programs, leading to the award of a Bachelor´s degree from State University of New York, Empire State College, and a Czech-accredited Bachelor’s degree from UNYP.

Study abroad and transfer students are welcome; please contact us for more information. Transfer students may transfer approved coursework towards their degree.

With a focus on international education, UNYP offers American Bachelor´s degree programs in the fields of:

European Bachelors Programs

UNYP offers accredited Bachelor’s programs taught entirely in English, leading to the award of a Czech Bachelor’s degree (bakalář) from UNYP. Some programs may be taken as dual-degree programs, leading to the award of a Czech degree from UNYP and an American-accredited Bachelor’s degree from State University of New York, Empire State College.

UNYP also partners with prestigious international universities in Europe to offer accredited degree programs from those universities.

Study abroad and transfer students are welcome; please contact us for more information. Transfer students may transfer approved coursework towards their degree.

UNYP offers European Bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of:

Master’s Programs

Master's programs in Prague

Taught entirely in English and either in an intensive weekend studies format, to accomodate the needs of working professionals, or on a daily basis. These Master’s programs are ideal for ambitious and aspiring professionals or for bachelor graduates who want a high quality international education in Prague.

Students who successfully graduate from our Master’s courses receive their degrees directly from our partner Universities. The M.A. program in Psychology leads to a degree awarded by the University of New York in Prague.

UNYP offers the following programs:

M.A. (Mgr.) in Psychology

 The Master of Arts in Psychology at the University of New        York in Prague provides a strong theoretical and practical    foundation in psychology and related subfields such as clinical psychology, health psychology and educational psychology. Graduates of the program will have obtained specific knowledge and professional competencies to work as independent psychologists and to pursue further education as well as qualifications in different fields of psychology, including research and academia. This study program complies with international requirements for the European Master’s diploma in Psychology and is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MŠMT) leading to the title Mgr.

M.Sc. in International Management

 The M.Sc. in International Management program, offered at UNYP    through the University of Bolton, is designed to give you an  advantage in an increasingly global employment market. The  program has been designed to equip you with the theoretical  foundations for an international business career. If you are a recent  graduate wishing to prepare more fully for a career in the business and management of international companies, then this Master’s course will fulfill your requirements. In recent years graduates of this program have gone on to a wide range of management roles in the public, private, and voluntary sectors. Others have opted to commence studying for a research degree. Holders of an M.Sc. in International Management can apply for the status of Member (MCMI) or Fellow (FCMI) of the Chartered Management Institute. The point at which they are accepted will depend on factors other than qualifications, such as their responsibilities at work.

M.A. in Strategic Communications

The Master’s degree in Strategic Communication (SC) was not designed solely by academics. It was developed by researching what major communications organizations want to see when hiring new people. Executives at major corporations such as Microsoft and SAP were consulted, as well as global communication agencies such as Havas. With increasing communication possibilities, a crucial question that concerns both organizations and individuals is one of strategy.  Just having the tools at one’s disposal, does not result in effective communication, it is the understanding of the choices of channels that help organizations and people to achieve their goals. UNYP is proud to offer this forward-looking, British-modelled Master’s degree in cooperation with the University of Bolton, UK.

UNYP MBA Programs

Learn from top business leaders studying our MBA

The UNYP MBA is an IACBE-accredited program, offering the prestige of an American accreditation, the challenges and rigor of a top business program, and the opportunity for current and future leaders to hone their management skills. The program has been designed for ambitious people who wish to quickly move up through the ranks of their corporation by attaining the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to be the best possible executive managers. We also help business people who wish to change industries by filling the gaps in their knowledge and giving them the tools they need to excel in their new field. Finally, professionals who wish to start their own businesses and pull ahead of their competition are taught how to research and create business plans, find capital, and actually launch their new company.

Professors teaching in the UNYP MBA programs serve as one of the key strengths of the programs, being both academically qualified and experienced industry leaders and experts. Learn from senior executive managers of companies like Coca Cola, British Telecom, Volkswagen, Bell Labs, 3M, and many more. Gain from the practical experience of these tested business leaders in an open and free environment. Learn from top academics at Universities like Harvard and LaSalle, flown in especially for your classes. UNYP Professors are leaders from all types of businesses, here to share their knowledge with you in an exciting and practical way. We use current studies of actual companies, real research, and a variety of activities designed to help you develop at an accelerated pace. For example, why would you study financial accounting in a theoretical sense from someone who has never actually run a global company? When studying MBA At UNYP you will be taught financial accounting by Claude Varley, the ex-president of Coca Cola Bottling, France. We will provide you with the skills you need to be able to conclude an MBA course at UNYP and immediately apply what you have learned at your business.

You will gain three main assets on this program:

  • Practical and strategic business knowledge;
  • Leadership abilities;
  • Networking.

Alumni research has shown that most UNYP MBA graduates are promoted within eight months of attaining their degree. They earn 46% higher salaries than their non-MBA counterparts within three years from graduation and they report a better life quality due to working smarter – not longer. Our students have access to our MBA alumni network, the largest and most successful group of MBA graduates in the Czech Republic. This allows our students to build strong personal and professional networks that will help them attain their life goals with the help of like-minded individuals and companies.

The UNYP MBA is an 18-month lifelong education program of weekend study (two weekends per month, with light refreshments served) leading to an IACBE-accredited Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the University of New York in Prague. You will take a core set of eleven courses providing you with a solid foundation in international business and then three additional courses in your chosen concentration.
Prior to the start of the MBA program, UNYP provides a free pre-MBA workshop in the principles of finance, accounting, marketing, and management to ensure that you begin your MBA studies well-prepared and on an equitable level with your fellow classmates.

The UNYP MBA Programs are accredited by the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) and the Czech Association of MBAs (CAMBAS). The IACBE is an American professional accrediting body and the leader in outcomes-based programmatic accreditation in business education. The IACBE program provides continuous quality assurance for UNYP’s business programs.

UNYP is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and UNYP is also a member of CEEMAN, which we follow for the purpose of observing best practices in teaching business education in other regions of the world.

  • Course Content
  • Prospective Career Opportunities

After completing all courses, students undertake the role of an internal or external consultant and investigate a business problem with the aim of arriving at a feasible solution to the problem identified. In other words, each student must take a practical and methodical approach to problem solving, and demonstrate their learnings from throughout the program.

Students will choose a mentor from among their professors to help guide them through the five-month process. They will then discuss ideas for the project and come to an agreement based upon one of the following: identify a system that is not functioning or needs a redesign; identify a problem area that needs a solution; or create a new business. The idea is that a student can combine work and study by identifying an area in their job that either does not work well or needs a totally new solution. The student then conducts primary and secondary research on the problem; analyses their findings and then translates those into a feasible solution to the problem. Basically, the student becomes a business consultant to the company.

The students will turn in sections of their work to their mentors each month for critical feedback to help them streamline their work and stay on target. At the end of five months, the students bind their work and submit it to the mentors for grading.

UNYP offers MBA programs with concentration in: 

Ph.D. by Research

Studying for a Ph.D. at UNYP

One of the core values held by the University of New York in Prague is excellence in research. As part of this commitment, UNYP encourages graduates in all disciplines to consider studying for a doctorate – the highest academic award conferred by this university – or an MPhil. To this end, UNYP offers its students the opportunity to study for a PhD or MPhil in any subject area in which we have relevant research expertise, in association with the relevant Academic Group, Research Centre or Research Institute.

The PhD by publication is awarded to a candidate who presents and defends a thesis, after having critically investigated and evaluated an approved topic which results in an independent and original contribution to knowledge and demonstrates an understanding of the appropriate research methods within the chosen field. This PhD programme is designed for those who wish to pursue supervised research at doctoral level, leading to the publication of a traditional doctoral thesis of sufficient quality to be deemed an original and independent contribution to the existing body of knowledge, and which justifies the award of a doctorate. It is possible to apply and register for the doctorate either directly or via the MPhil route.

Career opportunities with a doctorate from UNYP

A doctorate is much more than the most advanced qualification in your specialist area of study. Successfully completing a PhD is proof that you have mastered a set of transferable and highly desirable skills and qualities such as critical analysis, project management, high-level problem-solving, leadership and mentoring, challenging and providing alternative perspectives on received wisdom, advanced research and presentation skills, self-confidence, determination and persistence.

PhD graduates have more successful careers and increased earnings than any other graduate. They are seen are the professional “movers and shakers” in the workplace, the employees who bring innovation and enterprise to the table.

Qualifying criteria

Doctorates are awarded to candidates who can demonstrate:

(i) the employment of original research or other advanced scholarship to create and interpret new knowledge, producing a body of work that is of a quality that satisfies peer review, extends the limits of understanding within the subject, and is worthy of publication;

(ii) the systematic acquisition and understanding of a substantial body of knowledge which is at the cutting edge of an academic discipline or area of professional practice;

(iii) the general ability to conceptualise, design and implement a research project for the generation of new knowledge, applications or understanding within the discipline, and to make adaptations and adjustments in the event of new issues arising;

(iv) a detailed understanding of the appropriate techniques for research and advanced academic enquiry within the discipline.

Moreover, the University of New York in Prague would expect Ph.D candidates to demonstrate the ability to:

(a) make and defend informed judgments on complex issues in specialist fields, often in the absence of complete data, and to be able to communicate their ideas and conclusions clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences;

(b) undertake research and development at an advanced level, whether pure or applied, contributing substantially to the development within the discipline of new techniques, ideas, or approaches;

(c) demonstrate the exercise of personal responsibility and autonomous initiative in complex and unpredictable situations, in academic, professional and similar environments, and any other professional qualities and transferable skills that would be reasonably expected at this academic level.

Research Subject Areas

The University of New York in Prague, in association with the University of Bolton, can support PhD and MPhil students with research interests in the following subject areas:

  • Art and Design
  • Accounting and Business
  • Built Environment & Civil Engineering
  • Community Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • English & Creative Writing
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Information Systems
  • Islamic Finance
  • Law
  • Materials, Research & Innovation
  • Mass Observation and Worktown Studies
  • Medical, Biomedical and Life Sciences
  • Photography
  • Psychology
  • Sport, Performance, Recovery & Rehab
  • Sport Sociology and Policy
  • Theatre and Performance
  • Renewable Energy & Environmental Technologies


3 to 4 years (full-time); 5 to 7 years (part-time).


UNYP Ph.D candidates should have at least an upper second class honours degree (2.1) or the equivalent in a relevant subject. A postgraduate qualification and/or some research training or relevant professional development is desirable. An interview will be carried out by the University of Bolton (remotely by phone or internet for candidates based outside the UK).  In general, candidates who are not native English speakers will also need IELTS 6.5 (or equivalent).

Application Procedures

If you are interested in studying a Ph.D at the University of New York in Prague, the first step that you should take is to contact UNYP’s Postgraduate Advisors in order to discuss your academic field and the nature of the research that you wish to undertake. The Postgraduate Advisor will be able to advise you on whether we can support your specialism. You can visit the web pages of the academic staff by group.

Please submit your application to College Admissions, not the academic group or Research Coordinator. The application packet must include the following documents: