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About Spouse Visa- Open Work Permit

If you have a student visa and you are married, than your partner can apply for open work permit which would allow him/her to work on and off campus in Canada while you study. This is a great way to earn a living where you both can live together and take care of your life as a team.

Open work visa can be applied by your spouse before or after their arrival in Canada which would be valid till the validity of your student visa. There is no need of any job offer letter prior to work permit.

If your partner wishes to apply for work permit with your application of student visa, in that case there are certain Canadian offices abroad that would assist you in doing so. However, this would include additional work permit fee as well.

Also, your partner can apply for visitor visa as well and once he/she’s in Canada, can proceed with work permit. This process is equally correct.

How Space Internationals can help?

  • We have an expertise in dealing with refusal cases
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