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tudent visa is basically a stamp on your passport issued by the government of the country in which you want to study. It permits students to enter the borders of their country so that they can pursue their further studies. Any student who is looking forward to study in foreign nation must have this stamp imprinted on their passport for their smooth entry in the desired nation. The holder of the student visa doesn’t require any possession of the citizenship as this visa is a non-immigrant visa.


In order to apply for student visa, it is crucial to know under what programme you need to get admission.

For the undergraduate programmes, you need minimum 50 per cent of marks in your academic with over all 6 bands having not less than 5.5 band score in any module(Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking). Whereas for the graduate programmes, there is a need of 50 per cent marks in your previous qualification with over all band score of 6.5 bands (6 bands in each module.)

Requirements for Student Visa

  • You must have an offer letter with a valid DLI number on it from the college. This college should be there in the list of Singapore's government.
  • Explanation of the clear purpose of your stay in Singapore in your SOP (Statement of Purpose).
  • You need to demonstrate that you can afford your tuition fees along with your daily expenses during your stay in Singapore and that duration of stay would depend on your taken educational programme.
  • Your background must be clear. There should not be any criminal record in your name.
  • You should be sound medically and for this your medical test would be done.


  • Student Visa permits students to work in Sinapore without any need of applying work permit. Therefore, you will have an opportunity to earn good bucks along with your studies. Although, there are certain protocols for students to work with student visa that must be followed otherwise this can lead to serious deporting issues
  • If student is married, his/her spouse can get an open work permit that would be valid till the same duration of student visa.
  • Student Visa is a great option for people who wish to land to Singapore quickly in a systematic way. Also, it would earn them Singapore's credentials that would be highly beneficial to acquire Permanent Residential (PR) status.

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